To make ASSISES a success, we are looking for partners or sponsors wishing to make a public investment by helping us produce this event at different locations. By supporting this project you gain ready access to the Parisian public, the public in other regions should the exhibit tour, as well as whatever potential benefits might accrue through media publicity, company promotion, employee good-will, and public relations.

The options offered to your company are:
Patron: the company recovers 60% of its investment (tax reduction to the limit of 5% of gross profit) and has the right to some compensation limited to 25% of the amount given.
Sponsor: the company benefits from their investment estimated to be equivalent to the investment amount and saves 33.33% of the investment through applicable deductions in business expenses.
Acquisition: the company receives a tax reduction* of up to 90% of the cost of acquisition of a living artist’s work.
* the work must be publicly exhibited – that is, viewed by your employees.