The project

Three initial states of the chair

Today, the association is launching a large project which will, we hope, in unexpected and creative ways grapple with such problems as: “How to react to the standardization of objects, thoughts and behaviours?”, “What power of transformation is to be granted to art?”, and “What is the position for the uniqueness of the artist?”

Almost a hundred fifty artists, from different generations and artistic horizons, received an invitation to begin work starting from one scheme and one object.

Each participant received a chair in kit, a completely standard style in white wood. Any manipulation or creative action, starting from this common point of departure, was imaginable. The work could be accompanied by the artist’s reflections or his or her written commentary.

The ensemble of pieces produced – which remain the property of the artists – will become the object of an exposition and a catalogue. The project will also be accessible through a web site.

If like us, you think that art is indistinguishable from the questions that support it as well as the question that it raises and that relevance, irrelevance, and imagination count as indispensable ingredients, then don’t hesitate: join our project.