A vol d'oiseau du cercle Association

...I dedicate this quote by La Rochefoucauld to Philippe Delaunay as it fits so well with his dedication to contemporary art collecting :

«...passions are the only spokesmen who are always convincing. They are like some art of nature whose rules are unfailing; the simplest man with passion convinces better than a more eloquent one without...»

(éloge de la passion, 1996, Dora Vallier)

« À vol d’oiseau du cercle » is an association under the law “July 1st 1901” whose headquarteres are at 42 avenue de Breteuil 75007 Paris, since 1984.

It aims at encouraging encounters, dialogues and reflexions, between artists, collectors and the public. For over twenty years, it has supported artists and contemporary creation by means of exhibitions and publications, as well as by a specific collection of about fifty pieces.

Philippe Delaunay, president of the association « à vol d’oiseau du cercle », is an eclectic man who, for over thirty five years, has been committed to the art of his time. His motto :«To live with art, is a better life».

Bernard Point, former director of Ecole des Beaux Arts and Edouard Manet galery at Gennrvilliers, keeps track of numerous artists’ projects with his utmost friendly support.

Art today pushes towards being topical, but would not the true path be to rediscover art’s thought and motion? A chair, a common everyday object, given to a significant number of artists, coming from all points of reference yet without becoming comprehensive, allows a visual voyage that follows tracks demonstrating the capacity of today’s art to recover itself in the out of the ordinary or in a simple reflection of the times. A difficult point-of-view, daring, but which imposes itself when coming to dominate an art dispossessed of its proper, consequent enigma, its fitting salt, to benefit from perfectly necessary cultural actions aimed at placing value on heritage, the social and commercial vivacity of life as it is… In this proposal, from the diversity of works emerge their individual presence, their presence among the others, their resonance around the whole; but the goal does not reside in the sum, it dwells in the beckoning, the anticipation of the missing element. Thus the ensemble marks this absence: and the lack dwells at the source of desire. Open that which should appear…this untouchable horizon.

Philippe Delaunay